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a netflix reaction, one of those plus-40 pointers because netflix was supposed to fail miserably and instead added two million subscribers. i personally like the buyback and dividend. my charitable trust owns apple. and on a day when twitter is hacked with a fake story about president obama being hurt, a fake story -- a fake story, and an attack on the white house, a fake story, i know that apple will be a good stock to bid for when the whole market gets hit as it did for one instant on a fake story. while i'm on that topic, please remember to use stop limit orders, not stop loss orders, because you will end up selling your stock on the fake story at the low of the day. here's the bottom line. it's one thing to bounce because things aren't as miserable as we thought, and because the stock has a safety net. however, if you want rising earnings, rising margins and rising dividends, yes, you might as well buy pepsico. oh, boy. or mcdonald's. john scully, pepsico, on weakness. they have what the market wants, and until apple unveils its omg products, it will not return to its glory days any time
could set the tone for the rest of the quarter on that trade. liz: netflix, nasdaq, stock, so it's been the real leader for the s&p 500 today. so when you look at that, certainly, impressivv, charles. let's get to you. the because you are at the moment a believer that gold has seen a near bottom, what do you mean? why are you saying that? a lot of people feel this is longer term trend to the downside. that the bears have a firm hold? >> well, there was massive liquidation of gold etf holdings, individuals whoever buys the etfs sold a huge amount but open interest kept rising and there was a big spike in demand for gold. there has been in india and china. that is where the real demand is. it is not speculators here in the united states. worldwide, you know, the central banks are debasing currency and gold is 25% of my holdings. i think it should be significant portion of everybody's these days. david: michael, well, let's talk stocks. are you taking any cash out right now at these high levels? >> no. we're advising clients who have in the market right now to stay in the market. we still,
netflix and from texas instruments. plus an exclusive with the ceo of johnson & johnson all coming up on the second hour of the "closing bell" with maria bartiromo. i'll see you tomorrow. >>> and it is 4:00 on wall street. do you know where your money is? hi, everybody. welcome back to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo on the floor of the new york stock exchange. stocks staging a comeback following the biggest weekly decline of the year, although we are ending with a bit of a whimper here. market gave up some ground. investors turning their attention to met flix. earnings out any minute. the stock was the best performer in the s&p 500 and nasdaq 100 today. look at how we're settling out on wall street. after a day that saw the dow jones industrial average down 90 points early on we're finishing up on the upside today, 20 points on the dow at 14,567. up as you can see, volume on the light side today. nasdaq also higher today. 27 points higher. s&p 500 up 7.25 points after the worst week of the year last week. moments away from netflix and texas instruments earnings. we'll have fu
under some selling pressure. >> from the burger battle to the combat over content. amazon and netflix, fresh off earnings, they're leading the charge into this new arena. and we're going to look at the bets being placed by investors and consumers on video streaming. >> how about facebook? the stock rallying today after the stock was upgraded to a strong buy at raymond james. but should you like the stock ahead of its earnings next week? we'll get the trade on facebook, coming up on "closing bell." tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 opportunities are waiting to be found in faraway places. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 markets on the rise. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 companies breaking through. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 endless possibilities. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 with schwab, i search the globe for the big movers. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 i can trade in 30 different markets tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 to help me seize opportunities, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 potentially better returns and new ways to diversify. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 to get an edge, i use schwab's global research. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 they give me equity ratings on foreig
of it. time to turn off netflix? one analyst saying nothing could make him buy right now, while another says you must own this stock. it's a ratings rumble. decide for yourself. and talk about high hopes, how much higher can the dow really go? much higher according to masters. how high he thinks the dow could skyrocket, to 20,000. countdowncountdown to the closil starts right now. ♪ liz: good afternoon, everybody, i'm liz claman. it is the last hour of trading and the first day of trading for the second quarter. we're going to see what it feels like. all right, because it's been an incredible first quarter, a real bang-up session. the markets starting the second quarter in the red but not really too dramatically here. stocks did dip this morning as manufacturing data cooled off in march. however, the major averages recovered much of that decline as investors decided to focus on the employment component of that index. okay? that's the ism, the institute for supply management. the employment index part of it was up to a nine month high, so the good outweighs the bad at least for some in
netflix. >> one media company to watch is netflix. the fourth quarter was a big one. not only did it launch its first original show, but its stock price has nearly doubled. those still down from its july 2011 peek of more than $300. >> the reality is they've made tremendous strides over the last 18 months restoring their brand. >> the stock gained unvailing the incidents all at once. it seems to have paid off with critical acclaim and buzz. there's some analysts that are skeptical saying the life of house and cards won't have a long-term impact. others say the crucial rules to secure net with the user base. >> i think it's very important for netflix to get to that point where people forget about cancelling because they feel like there's something always unique and interesting coming. netflix has made the shift from being a tribute tor to more of a programmer. head-to-head with hbo for customers as well as content. more of the key components to watch in the earnings report is subscriptions. netflix forecast it will add slightly more than the 1.7 million subscribers it added in the
of cards" a hit show only showing on netflix and that's why the stock will soar from the opening bell. look at it up nearly 25% pre-market and offered a month free with "house of cards" as the bait and people liked it, big jump in subscribers, almost as many pay for netflix as h.b.o. that means streaming arrived. and apple likely be to be the stock of the day along with netflix and earnings later. tim cook, pressure on him. apple hasn't had a break through since he took over and the entire financial team is on scrutiny. four apple executives are among the top paid of all 500 top company ceo's, get between 68 and 85 million dollars a year. a lot more than tim cook. he gets 4 million. apple stock has gone from 705 to 390 in seven months. huh. next, looks like the internet sales tax will breeze through the senate. we have one senator who is opposed to it. he's a democrat. plus, a business owner who makes a lot of money on-line and he says this tax is going to hurt him and his business. but you are going to like the markets when it opens up, a gain of maybe 90 points. that's next. in today's ma
, for example, would be netflix. many of you in this room i'm sure use the netflix. what they did is dynamically throw what is this is as more and more people click on movies that they want to watch. so then what they are doing is as the need scales, they then have the ability -- they pay them, and, of course, it drops off as soon as the need drops off as well. so they end up essentially paying for average demand. the technology is widely deployed around the world. >> as kind of a follow-up, individuals often use cloud services for backing up their computers. are we about to see people using their computers to back up their clout services to guarantee that they hold on to their data? >> you are at the tip of a very interesting iceberg. go 100,000 miles in space and look down at the earth. we are still driving more wavelength down. there is no problem distributing content out to users. what we have a fundamental problem with is distribution of power. power is dominating in terms of distribution networks q one of the reasons why it does not make sense is because you are at the end of the tree, a l
, utx pretty good as futures are on the rise. day of reckoning, some have said, netflix soaring after last night's results. in europe, weak pmis out of germany, china, too, but the european markets are pricing in higher expectations this morning for a rate cut from the ecb. our road map begins with users streaming internet flicks, the house of cards paying off for the company and shares skyrocketing for the company. is it too late to buy the stock. >> we're counting down to apple's earnings report and that will be after the close. the shares over the $400 mark. one way or the other. >> luxury not dead, at least not according to coach and we'll dig deeper into those numbers. >> u.s. airways and delta beating those numbers. >> not quite as sanguine. we'll take a look at the airline sector and talk about travel turbulence a bit, as well. >> definitely not comericcal. >> for the first time since september 2011. the video streaming service posted quarterly earnings of 31 cents and well above estimates and said it added 2 million streaming subscribers in the u.s. helped by "house of cards."
buy netflix. given that netflix doubled in the first quarter, not exactly the most opportune time to launch a bid, i'll give them that. but if it keeps getting hammered like it did today, it looks better. time to face facts. apple derided itself as arrogant in an apology letter to the chinese the other day. haven't apologized to the japanese yet. who knows if that will happen? i don't want to use the term arrogant with regard to apple. i was thinking more like proud. but they did the dirty work for me. so now apple is too arrogant to buy netflix because they don't need to do anything, including apologizing to its shareholders for their hideous decline. why? they've been a terrific performer over time. buy it at 600, 700, 500, what's the point of defending yourself when you've done nothing wrong? what's the point of buying netflix if that shows desperation? if anyone's desperate, it's the new suitor i have in mind hypothetically, microsoft. mr. softy. here's a company that suffers from not being social enough, not being mobile enough, and certainly under ceo steve ballmer, classmat
. also making money, carl icahn the billionaire investor owns a 9.9% stake in netflix. is reported a surprise surge in new subscribers last quarter. netflix shares soared more than 24% on the news. that means icahn net ad one-day gain, wait for it, $236 million. wow! nascar driver juan montoya making money from an unusual source this weekend. they will be his new sponsor of the sprint russ race saturday. clearly when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: our top story tonight, apple earnings are out. their conference call is getting underway. let's go to adam shapiro on the breaking news desk. what are you hearing? >> real quick, apple after-hours is trading up almost 4%. something investors liked on this earnings report. they beat the street came in $10.09. street was expecting $10. revenue was a big beat. it was 46 billion. the street was expecting 42.31 billion. here is the big thing. they have $145 billion cash on hand. they will return some of that money to their shareholders. they're hiking the dividend, melissa from $2.65 a quarter up to $3.5. announced a cont
. netflix. >> not there yet. >> twitter. >> absolutely. >> facebook. >> absolutely. blackberry uses more social than on any other platform. we have a whole bunch of data to back that up. facebook integration is a critical part of our strategy. we have other solutions for streaming media. >> hulu. >> again, we've got great solutions. >> that's a no. >> evernote. >> absolutely. >> how have you done initially? i know it's too early but how is it selling so far. i want to point out a question about loyalty and how people in a certain bubble. >> we're very happy with the way it's gone. we sold a million in the first month of sales which is reported first quarter. that was in canada and the uk alone. we're now in 42 different countries. >> any reports from the u.s. yet? >> not yet. >> i used to be a loyal blackberry user and i was shamed to using an iphone. people would take photo offense me. s >> aren't you the tech guy from usa today. >> i was in europe and i saw blackberries everywhere. i didn't see a iphone. >> i think silicon valley is definitely different. we had lots and lots of loyal u
who owns netflix stock. the online streaming company beat earnings per share, the stock up nearly 7% today. a lot of new subscribers largely due to the hit series, "house of cards," which is awesome. we're going to have more on that in a bit. also making money today, anyone who stuck with boeing despite the problems they had with their 787 dreamliner. boeing's stock shot up about 16% the year, and with the battery fixe the jumbo jet could be back in the skies in the about a week. but not everyone is a winner. if you own ibm, you lost money today. the company takes the honor of being the biggest drag on the dow for the second day, more than 130 points on friday, then another 12 points off the dow today. i don't know, maybe things will be better today. even when they say it's not, it's us a about "money." ♪ muck. ♪ ♪ melissa: our top story tonight, how to balance our country's economic needs with our national security. the senate judiciary committee holding a hearing today on the hotly-debated immigration bill which is under even more fire after the boston marathon bombing. so d
and paper out. we're going over the winners, and i've got some surprises here. first up, we've got netflix as the leader in the s&p 500 for quarter number one. that's up more than 100%. despite its run, i think the stock has a strong chance of repeating its excellent performance. netflix has several. not all obvious trends going for it but i'm going to detail them because i know a lot of people love this stock. those trends are very much, i think, in their infancy. first, if you see netflix as a rival, even as an enemy, the major producers of content have decided tone doris it as a friend. the company's been an endless source of payments fought majors? n. exchange for programming. beyond that as independent networks which are doing incredibly well produce more series like the walking dead, down-ton abbey, louis, "mad men," or original netflix productions like "house of cards," the only real way to crack into them is by subscribing to netflix. got to know where to win. it's way cheaper than buying all those dvds for people at home. let's take the case of "walking dead." 5 million people a w
the netflix on moves hdng strained via a wireless connection in your home. ergin may think they can deliver a robust enough package that they can do that. you can replace the cable company. you have dish company again, you can replace your broadband provider. >> something separate than wi-fi. >> wi-fi is wireless within your home, but it's coming in through a cable, a wire. this is no wires at all. could you do it? that's the big question here. i don't know if ergin somehow believes you can or that you will simply be using so many wireless devices in your home that you don't care as much anymore, but you still might need a broadband connection even with your big dish offering. >> on squawk, becky asked you a fabulous question about the yen. can softbank compete with a weak yen? >> they've got to put up $12 billion. remember, they bought 3.1 billion of warrants or convertible at 5.25. they need 12.1 billion at closing to buy the 55% out there now at $7.30. what's that going cost them? do they hedge it ahead of time. they're borrowing that money. they're buying it back, which is helpful when
stock to watch today is netflix. shares soaring today. time to make some money with charles payne. did you see what just happened? charles: so unfortunate when these things happen. one of the most amazing stealth rallies in history. it is really sad, sad stuff. i netflix. [ laughter ] my daughter is at the house on sunday. she said she is getting rid of cable and doing netflix. this is an amazing quarter for the company. what was interesting, i would have put up a table of the membership and the profit sources. everyone talks about streaming right now. you would be surprised. dvds really did well for them. their core business. melissa: isn't this amazing, remember dvds? charles: their profits were 113 million. that almost rivals what they make from domestic streaming. it is absolutely amazing. the real buzz here is can it keep it going and can it continue going with this original content? it is grace you have a house and cars -- melissa: spending $100 million for two seasons. charles: orange is the new black. that is a prison drama. they have a whole bunch of stuff, now. they will have
on netflix. i have been adamant that either microsoft or netflix should buy it. i think it should be a good idea. i'm not saying it's likely to happen. in fact, i'm sure that neither microsoft nor apple is the least bit interested in doing so. i'm also sure that reed hastings, the ceo of netflix isn't a seller. so what's the point of saying it, then? because it really should happen. and just because i'm a journalist and not an vice president banker doesn't mean i'm not allowed to suggest a good merger idea when it comes to me? reed hastings is out. they say netflix currently has 36 million subscribers alone could have 90 million world wide soon. over time. he points out that netflix has 9 million more subscribers than the largest cable company. now why does that matter so much first? we had thought apple would unveil a really robust product soon. i think what's holding it up, they only give up the name. i'm thinking that apple must be saying to itself, why not invest the xabl i cable companies entirely by buying netflix. in the meantime, microsoft has a new b-box next month. if microsoft we
with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. >>> people keep getting me wrong on netflix. i've been adamant microsoft or apple should buy netflix. i think it would be a great idea, but i'm not saying it's likely to happen. in fact, i'm sure that neither microsoft nor apple is the least bit interested in doing so. i'm also sure that reid hastings, ceo of netflix, isn't a seller. so what's the point of saying it then? because it really should happen. and just because i'm a journalist and not an investment banker doesn't mean i'm not allowed to suggest a good merger idea when it comes to it. netflix currently has 30 million subscribers in the u.s., alone, could have 90 million subscribers worldwide soon. over time. he points out netflix has 9 million more subscribers than the largest cable company. why does that matter so much? first, we thought apple would unveil a real robust i-tv product soon. i think what's holding it up is the cable companies won't play, don't want to give up the name. i'm thinking apple must be saying to itself, bypass the cable companies entirely by just
of netflix every single day. can the popularity last? is tv being changed forever? >>> and the pop culture lead, god help us, 1.5 billion people watched his video for gangnam style. while i'm still trying to get that out of my head, psy just leased a new single. does he have another hit on his hands or will he suffer the curse of the macarena? >>> we begin with the world lead. a huge mistake, that's what america's secretary of state says north korea would be making if it goes ahead with a missile launch that could happen any minute. john kerry is attending talks in seoul, south korea, which is only about 30 miles from the dmz. he warned that america won't tolerate north korea as a nuclear power and also said the u.s. will consider resuming talks with pyongyang but not if kim jong-un continues to test the world's patience. >> it is a huge mistake for him to choose to do that because it will further isolate his country and further isolate his people. >> kerry downplayed a report from the defense intelligence agency, which claims north korea already had nukes that can be delivered with missil
at the very top, non-other than netflix, which is up about 6.75%, was up more than 7% earlier. netflix said report earnings ofn just about an hour. take a look at this year-to-date chart. the stock is up a stellar 90%. remember, this was a stock many analyst about a year ago many left for dead. until it got into the live streaming business. keep in mind, this was a $300 stock back in 2011, so you have a long ways to go. gold is rebounding, so is oil. yet another bounce back for the market. traders on the new york stock exchange, the cme group and the nymex. ben willis each day that we start down, and have been down 89 points on the dow jones industrials earlier, each day by the session it comes back because the fed is still in play, correct? >> absolutely. you don't want to fight the fed, it is not somebody really wants to take on. i am more nervous about this market in the fact it is up to date after the article i have been in for years. i became bullish four years ago, waiting for a pullback. as a trader, that makes me very, very nervous. liz: ben willis the most nervous he has been in fo
to the upside. we are bouncing back now. we have a stellar former like netflix and coach. the bulls out there say, hey, we will take it. connell: thank you. dagen: justice department producer that based on interactions with the hospitalized dzhokhar tsarnaev, they suspected that the two acted alone. connell: but in that magazine -- joining us is a professor from nyu law. how about this intelligence that is coming out? >> it feels just right to me. fear right after 9/11 would be that they would be sleeper cells. the real threat comes from people who self radicalized. dagen: this is equally frightening, if not more frightening. the fbi was told by russia to look into the elder brother and we did not have a grasp. >> absolutely right. we are already learning, just as you said, that there have been a couple evidence data points that were probably lost but authorities along the way. we are learning that some of the brothers attended and objected to the more mainstream peaceful message coming from the pulpit. connell: may be unfair, but at the same time, when you are here in new york at the l
on the industrial average with the s&p down nine. >>> how hot has netflix been this year? >> nobody was hotter. >> rival coinstar, the most heavily shorted stock this year despite a 12% rally in 2013. which stock is the better one to own? the trade coming up next. >>> also, the digital currency known as bitcoins has now surpassed the value of 20 national currencies, incredibly. that's no april fool's joke, by the way. that's not what's coming your way. what are bitcoins? put it this way. if you don't know, that's all the more reason to tune in. because some say it is the future. either way you should hear about this coming up on the "closing bell." stay with us. with hertz gold plus rewards, you skip the counters, the lines, and the paperwork. zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. all your important legal matters in just minutes. protect your family... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. >>> >>> welcome back. it is wall street's hollywood showdown while investors streaml
trip. stick around. >> house of cards a good deal for netflix. we'll take a look coming up in business. >>> today officially marks the 43rd anniversary of earth day. for a lot of bay area communities that celebration started over the weekend. the face of climate change. organizers of the environmental movement says climate change does have real consequences for both people and animals. they are hoping this year's theme reminds everybody they are likely to be affected by the problem. meantime google plarking earth day with what might be one of its most active animated doodles. you have to look closely to check it out. a can snapshot of the four seasons unveiled and the word google deeply blended in there in the trees and streams and tunnels going through the mountains. see what i'm saying? >>> san mateo county celebrating earth day by banning plastic bags. stores in unincorporated parts of the county joining that bring your own bag effort. kristi smith joining us live in foster city with more about this ban. kristi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. this seems to be going pr
of the stocks making all time highs this week. the ceo of netflix is using his facebook page to share news with investors. ceo reed hastings posted that netflix members watched 4 billion hours of video in the past 3 months. new federal rules allow corporation to use social media to keep investors informed. and here's a nibble of freebies availble on tax day....cinnabon bites. curly fries at arbys and free small popcorn at amc theaters starting today through monday. a very busy trading day. tim mulholland of china america capital joins us now. tim, good morning to you. > >good morning. > >we've been talking this week about earnings coming in from wells fargo and jp morgan, but how significant overall do you think the numbers will be to the market? > > other than for maybe a trade, i really don't think that's what the real focus or impetus of this rally is right now. because i think the real impetus behind this rally is what the fed's doing with their quantitative easing and zero interest rates. and i think that's the real story i think the market's focused on. so any setback whether it be a
a share. >> as the media space reshapes itself, btig research began coverage of netflix with a $250 per share price. noted that the service is being offered as part of internet bundles as well as cable providers, rich greenfield said netflix has an improved price relationship. netflix gained about 2% on an otherwise down day today. energy was the worst performing sector today as oil dropped below $89 a barrel. the blue chip oil, they were near the bottom of the dow. each down about 3% in today's trade. >> solid quarterly earnings from charles schaub, but missed by a penny a share. partly because the firm weighed fees on money market funds. shares tumbled almost 4% to $16 a share. >> and on a day that saw share of nearly every bank or financial firm lower, citigroup shares bucked that trend, rising a fraction higher after beatinging analyst estimates last quarter, chalking up a profit of $4 billion by pulling more revenue and setting aside less funds for bad loans. >> now that citigroup has reported its latest result joining wells fargo and jpmor n jpmorgan, investors are waiting to hea
after losing millions. in four minutes, hear what's giving netflix a big boost. >>> but right after the break, make shift homes destroyed. we reveal one bay area city's plan to prevent certain residents from moving back in. >> some of us don't have a choice on where to go. >>> crews in san jose began hauling away trash and other items left in a homeless encampment in kelley park. the individuals were warned last week that the camp was going to be taken down. some had constructed makeshift houses that even included pictures on the outside and televisions on the inside. about 30 people who lived there have now entered permanent housing programs. >>> the pleasant hills city council has approved a project to replace a building with a new sporting goods store. the city council will hear public comment at its meeting tonight at 7:30 before holding a closed session to discuss the possibility of litigation. >>> los gatos based netflix posted a profit and announced it had added three million new subscribers this year. numbers may have been helped by the company's release of its first origina
, mobile, social media, we are a big win for netflix, the stock soaring more than 20% after hours on a strong earnings report. but a big miss for caterpillars they fall short of estimates and the ceo talks about the health of the global economy. and cracked foundation, is the shortage of homes for sale creating a speed bump for the recovery. >>> good everyone, it was a strong earning report late in the day for netflix. >> our top story, earnings and the economy. and conflicts signals about the shape of the business landscape. first, netflix a stunning earnings report after the market closed boosting the stock by more than twenty-five % after hours. they are pulling in millions of sub viscribe subscribers, thanks to rolling out original movies. >>> by contrast, disappointing numbers from caterpillar. it issued a gloomy out look for the rest of the year, because of weak demand for the bull dozers, they are considered a bell weather for the global economy, so the investors pay attention when the company expects slow growth in 2013. and today, disare couraging numbers on housing
intelligent guy. closing bell rang in about 40 minutes. amazon, a copycat. amazon following netflix into original content. will this attract new customers? the story next. and whether its boxes are breves, it is definitely a good thing when men are starting to buy socks. an economic indicator. you will explain coming up next. ♪ frididay night, buddy. you are gonna need a wingman. and my cash back keeps the party going. but my airline mil take it worldwide. [ male announcer ] it shouldn't be this hard. with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us nd what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur and don't get heartburn in the first place! the math of retirement is different today.ek. money has to last longer. i don't want to pour over pie charts all day. i want to travel, and i want the income to do
episodes. amazon is hoping to compete with hulu and netflix. netflix has had suj success huge success with house of cards. >>> gal the lalaxys #4r is the 4 is the apple iphone's competitor. >>> the weight is final over for san francisco's exploratorium. the $300 million museum. opened its doors today. >> just like the old exploratorium, a ringing of the bell signifies the opening for the new one. >> the world famous exploratorium is back and better than before. >> i feel like the kid in a family who's just moved into san francisco and about to be shown his or her bedroom. >> you get really excited. >> officials along with city and state leaders attended the much anticipated grand reopening ceremony. >> they along with parents see the museum as a fun place to be, but a stepping stone to advance students in science. >> you don't want to be the best of the best; you want to be the only one that does what you do. >> and i think of that quote in the context of today. >> the building itself has six thousand solar panels to generate power. amazing views of the bay has more than 600 exhibits,
for the health care giant. >>> meantime, shares of netflix, big gains. about 7%. ti is also higher. both will be reporting earnings after the bell tonight. they are due out about an hour from now. we'll have full team coverage of the numbers and the full analysis coming your way. >>> take a look at the markets as we approach all of that. dow jones industrial on the highs of the day. big victory given the fact we had been negative for much of the day. nasdaq composite also turning from the lows. that, too, at the high of the day with a gain of 30 points. now technology the leadership on the upside. s&p 500 up 8.25 points. one-half of 1%. what is driving this market today, bob pisani, in the middle of all the action right now? >> folks, we were down 80 points as you saw from the dow industrials interday. we've come up 100, 105 points. still not a lot of direction to the market. that's part of the problem. the sectors, i'm happy to see materials and energy moving after a terrible week. all of the cyclical names a terrible week last week. technology doing better. health care, consumer staple
in online streaming game. amazon is trying to compete with netflix by offering own original programiig on the prime service. now there are rumors that amazon will start selling its own video streaminggbox to compete with row cue and apple tv. let the video streaming war begin. today's money power panel is here to break it all down. a retail analyst. american wealth management president and a stifel-nicolaus's portfolio manager. thanks to all of you for joining us. chad, let me start with you? because weak sales forecast is what caught a lot of people's attention? >> i think amazon is a very strong company. it is consistently grown, consistently profitable and well-capitalized in fact we have a price target around $335 for the stock for a 12-month forecast. earnings were growing, revenues were growing, by 20 plus percent. we look at it as much more of an optimistic look. melissa: i guess. but they missed their revenue from the estimate. they weren't even, they weren't able to get to what the street was expecting? >> right. >> i know that--. melissa: leif, go ahead. >> sorry. >> i hear t
will be releasing their quarterly earnings after the closing bell. >> netflix's decision to feature original programmingon o service appears to be pulling in more customers. they added 2 million users who subscribe to the video sharing service during the first three months of the year. the. was the highlighted by the early february debut of " house of cards, " a critically acclaimed series made exclusively for a netflix. the subscriber growth help them bonds back from a loss at the same time last year and generate revenue slightly above the projections. >> the nation's biggest banks are rolling out the next generation of atms. the latest models including features like video chatting and a live teller. bake of america's new teller assist machines, for example, allowed a customer to swiped a debit or credit card, driver's license or photo id for authentication. then a live teller, physically based in delaware or florida pops up on the screen to assist the user. the bank says the machines will be able to perform about 80 percent of the services that traditional teller can. >> we will be right b
rocked? we want to watch... we want to watch, you know, go on netflix and see something. go on our dprks v.r. and find the last episode. i'm not sure we want some guy cracking wise about what happened that day because you know what? we already know what happens that day. >> reporter: or we can watch it some other way. here's what's interesting to me. there are two things that everybody talks to. all roads lead to two things. one is mobile. the other is the cloud. because you can store whatever you want to in the cloud. mobile gives you capacity to watch television wherever you are, even live. and gives you a capacity to watch all kinds of things that have been brought to you by apps or whatever else. so, it means that the choice now is in the hands of the consumer. it is the personalization of tv. >> yeah. we're in the pull world rather than the push. i'm going to set this up like i want it set up. i'gointo program my own mediated universe. i'm going to watch some stuff on the go. >> charlie: and i'll watch it when i want to not when you tell me it's going to be on. >> yeah. it was a cha
territory. like netflix with "house of cards". they have new content with only a couple of pilots but is that a smart move for amazon? >> sure. they have a huge install base for customers. the more they extend the band in quality way is advantageous i would be concerned with softness in the revenue numbers and extended valuations. liz: that is pretty much what it is. it is that guidance definitely. we're looking at it and 2 q sales guidance midpoint, versus estimate of 15.5 billion. david: the bid is up. >> we have senior analyst at topeka capital markets. he is also with us. victor, what do you see? >> the two numbers is focus on is gross margins, jumped 260 basis points year over year without significant --. liz: now they are higher. we want to warn people, behaviors are quite, quite volatile in aft markets session but go ahead with you gross margins. >> they jumped 260 basis points. that is significant improvement in gross margins. their pro-forma operating margins which is the key focus that wall street focuses on, that was 2.7%. i was looking for 2.3%. street was looking for
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